Tibetan Sound Healing Therapy

Deep relaxation at the cellular level!
Welcome to experience a new exciting way to relax your whole existence!

Tibetan Sound Bowls are handmade in Nepal. Bowls are placed on to the body. They vibrate strongly, which we can feel. The bowls produce a nurturing sound that brings a real deep relaxation for the body. Human body itself is self-regulating system. With the help of the Sound Healing Therapy body activates its deep healing mechanisms with which it can begin to optimize its own essence and existence. Sound bowls work on several different levels; e.g. auditorily and physiologically.

Sound Healing therapy strengthens the client’s own vibration and immune system.

The effects of Sound Healing therapy can include:

  • Activates & calms the vagus nerve
  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • Nervous system optimization – activates parasympathetic part
  • Lowers stress levels and stress hormones
  • Increases relaxation, sleep quality, vitality and creativity
  • Eases muscle & body tension
  • Reduces feelings of anxiety
  • Increases concentration and learning

The human body is roughly 70% of water.
Sound travels faster in the water than in the air.
In the treatment, the vibrations dive deep into the body.

Sounds travel as wave motions. They are measured in pulses, i.e. a certain number of vibrations per second. This is called frequency. Frequency is measured in Hetrz (hz).
A lot of research has been done on sound bowl treatments, which verify the good properties of sound in maintaining well-being.

Contraindications, i.e. when the treatment cannot be done:

  • If you have a pacemaker or serious heart disease
  • Blood vessel blockages or if you are ill
  • If you are pregnant

Body reactions are normal. The treatment can be very powerful and the body sensations can be very different. If you are hypersensitive to the senses, you can try the treatment lightly and if needed we play bowls only outside of your body, when the therapy is changed to a ”Sound Healing Concert”. This is more gentle way to enjoy Sound of Healing.