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Ayurvedic Walking Massage

Indian Head Massage

Chinese Foot Massage

40min treatment 57€

60min treatment 77€

SERIAL CARD to Ayurvedic Walking Massage

5 x 40min 245€ (á 49€)
Valid for 2 years


Treatment package EARTH 111 €

Duration 90min.
The Ayurvedic treatment combination includes:
✨ In-depth Indian head massage (45min)
✨ Holistic Ayurvedic Walking Massage (45min)
This combination treatment is the perfect harmonizing relaxation package to balance a busy life. A break from everyday life and luxury into a hectic life. Come, Relax and Enjoy! Harmony for your every cell!

Treatment package WATER 111 €

Duration 90min.
The luxurious treatment combination includes:
✨ Warm foot bath with essential oils (organic)
✨ Chinese Foot Massage (40min)
✨ Ayurvedic Walking Massage (40min)
A cup of warm organic tea is served during the treatment.
A completely comprehensive treatment package. Come, Relax and Enjoy!

Treatment package AIR 88€

Duration 75min.
The pampering treatment package includes:
✨ A comprehensive Ayurvedic Walking Massage (60min)
✨ Sound Healing (15min)
A special treatment that harmonize you to the cellular level.
After the fully relaxing Ayurvedic Walking Massage, you will enjoy the vibrations of the sounds of various instruments. Koshi bells, Tibetan bowl as well as a shaman drum will wing you in deep relaxation. Come, immerse yourself in the treatment and enjoy with every cell!

All prices include VAT 24%

Delight your friend, spouse or family member with a gentle massage therapy gift card. Order a serial and / or gift card directly from Erika 050 405 9996 or
Gift card valid for 1 year. Serial card for 2 years. You can choose between electrical gift card or physical paper one. If paper one is selected, possible post expenses 3,30€ are added.

Payment methods: most common debit / credit cards as well as cash.