Price List & Reservation

Ayurvedic Walking Massage

40 min Walking Massage 49€

60min Walking Massage 65€

90min Walking Massage
Exclusive package 95€

5x 40min Serial Card 220€ (á 44€)
Valid for 2 years

Indian head massage

40 min Indian head massage 49€

60 min Indian head massage 65€

All prices include VAT 24%

Reservations to Vantaa treatment room via call or message +358 50 405 9996/Erika

Treatments/Body work

No oils are used in the 40min and 60min treatments!
Ayurvedic Walking Massage is a holistic treatment based on Indian medicine where the body is seen as a whole. Massage is done by gently pressing with the feet. Please bring casual loose-fitting clothing that is comfortable to be in and relax.

The massage is based on a pressure that is done in a certain order while allowing the muscles to relax. This relates to the body’s own flows, stimulating the body’s lymphatic circulation, or lymphatic system. The treatment improves the blood circulation throughout the body and balances the whole system. The pressure is always adjusted by the customer’s wish.

90min Exclusive Treatment Therapy Package
The 90minutes treatment includes foot bath (ocean salt and essential oils) and relaxing foot massage. After this you’ll receive Ayurvedic Walking Massage which will harmonize your whole system.

Please bring casual loose-fitting clothing that is comfortable to be in and relax.
Feet Massage: Trousers should be such that they can be lifted above the knees. (shorts are good also) Only organic oils and essential oils are used.

Delight your friend, spouse or family member with a gentle massage therapy gift card. Order a serial and / or gift card directly from Erika 050 405 9996 or
Gift card valid for 1 year. Serial card for 2 years.

Payment methods: most common debit / credit cards as well as cash.