Indian Head Massage

Based in Indian medicine tradition. A gentle and very relaxing massage treatment, after which you will feel calm and relaxed. The treatment has its roots in Ayurveda.

Although head massage has been practiced in India for at least a thousand years, it did not land in Finland until 1999. Today, Indian head massage is widely offered by various professions such as masseurs, hairdressers and beauticians.

intialainen päähieronta 
hoitohuone soul elements vantaa

Relaxing treatment goes through:
✨ Shoulder area releasing tensions
✨ Thorough neck and head massage
✨ Gentle massage of the facial area

Treatment e.g. :
🗸 Relaxes tensions
🗸 Relieves stress
🗸 Relieves headaches
🗸 Calms and relaxes mind and muscles
🗸 Harmonizes the whole essence
🗸 Can help with insomnia
🗸 Nourishes the body
🗸Improves blood circulation

This treatment is performed while the client is seated. No oils are used in the treatment!

According to customers:
“Like an energetic head massage”
“So relaxing treatment!”
“You have an absolutely wonderful touch!”
“Like a deeply relaxing meditation treatment”

Treatment cannot be given if you have acute trauma or migraine, skin infections, fever, a tissue inflammatory condition, cancer, or if you are under the influence of drugs. Also, if you have just undergone shoulder-head surgery, no treatment can be done. If you are unsure, always consult your own doctor first.

Welcome to an enjoyable Indian head massage!