Chinese Foot Massage & Sound

Inspired by Chinese meridians and acupuncture points this foot massage is a great way to relax your overall being. It goes through seasonal acupuncture points as well as meridians.

Chinese medicine is a healing tradition, like Ayurveda. Both sees human being as a whole unit. Mind is not separated from the body. Everything is connected. It is said that the roots of Chinese medicine come from Ayurveda.

Traditional wisdom from thousands of years away that serves help with a variety of issues we human being might have. e.g pain or problems in the body-mind.

The soles of the feet are said to have different zones, the reflections points. These reflection points reflect all over the body. With a thorough massage of the soles of the feet, we are able to optimize the well-being of the entire body.

The earth’s energy flows from the feet upwards. The legs are like roots.

Chinese medicine contains elemental science as well as Ayurveda does.. The elements have been the source of inspiration for the birth of Soul Elements.

Organic oils are used to massage the feet. Please bring casual clothing, where is easy to relax. The massage also goes through the lower leg and calf area, so it is good to note that the pants are liftable above the knee.

Warm welcome to Chinese Foot Massage!